Curly Fries
Served with tomato sauce
Kids Burrito
Chicken or beef with cheese and sour cream, with chips and tomato sauce
Kids Taco
2x chicken or beef tacos (hard or soft shell) served with chips and tomato sauce
Chicken Flautas
Crisp flour tortilla filled with seasoned chicken served with tomato sauce and sour cream on the side
Kids Fish and Chips
Served with chips and sauce
Garlic Bread $6.50
Seasoned Wedges
Serve with sour cream and sweet chili
Warm Chicken Salad GF  
Chargrilled with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, Spanish onion, avocado, and a salad dressing
Fish and Chips 
Serve with chips and garden salad
Salt and Pepper Squid
Serve with chips and salad
Beef Schnitzel
serve with chips and garden salad choice of: Gravy, Mushroom, Green Pepper Gravy
Eye Fillet Steak
Grilled eye fillet steak in a seasoned marinade with chips, garden salad, Sauce choice of: Gravy, Mushroom, Green Pepper Gravy

Salsa V GF
Zesty tomato, onion chilli and Coriander dip, served cold with corn chips
Guacamole V GF
A traditional Mexican dip made with Avocado served with corn chips
Chilli Con Quesa V GF
A tasty blend of cheese & spices served warm served with corn chips
Combination Dips V GF
A collection of all three above dips Serve with corn chips
Tacos GF
A crisp corn shell filled with lettuce, cheese chicken or vegetarian with chipotle Mayo Beef or Pulled Pork with chimichurri sauce
Each $5.00
2 $8.90
4 $14.90
Chilli  Cheesy Curly Fries 
Add chilli con carne V  
Deep fried curly fries, coated with chilli flakes, and Topped with chilli con Quesa
Nachos Supreme  V GF 
Corn chips on a bed of frijoles smothered with melted cheese, topped with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream 
Add Chicken Beef (Mild or Spicy) Or Chorizo $3.00 
Note:- Mini & Large Nachos not available on Thursday 
Mini $12.90
Small $20.00
Large $26.90
Chicken  Flautas  
Crisp flour tortilla spring roll made with seasoned cilantro chicken, served with sour cream, salsa and crema lettuce slaw main served with 4 Flautas with rice and salad.
Entree $13.90
Main $ 19.90
Entree $13.90 
Main $19.90 
Cheesy toasted tortilla grilled filled  
Vegetarian with sundried tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms  serve with Guacamole  
Chicken with corn, Spanish onion, and Chipotle Mayo  
Pulled Pork with caramelize onion and Mexican herbs serve with chimichurri Sauce 
Entree $13.90 
Main $19.90
Grilled corn on the cob with chipotle mayo cheese and chilli lime 
Fire Basket  
4 pieces of Jalapeños Poppers 
4 piece of fire cheese stick 
Serve with crema lettuce slaw and Chipotle mayo 
Fiesta Platter (grazzing for 4 people)  
2 Elote,  2Chilli beef potato skin, 2 chicken Flautas serve with crema lettuce slaw and chimichurri 
Cha Chi’s Sampler (grazing for 4 people)  
A share platter consisting of 4 chicken Flautas, 4 slice Beef Quesadilla,  8 rack Smokey Ribs and Veg Nachos 
Burrito (Grilled) or Chimichanga (Deep Fried)
Flour tortillas filled with Rice, Frino, cheese and your choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian
Served on a bed of lettuce and comes with salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the side.
Corn tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, beef (Mild or Spicy) or black beans,
With cheese and baked in a mild chilli tomatoes sauce. Serve with rice & frijoles
1 on a plate $15.90
2 on a plate $21.90
Enchiladas Gratinadas V(No dairy) GF option
Corn enchiladas filled with spinach, sweet potato, mushroom & almond, topped with delicious salsa, serve with rice & frijoles
1 on a plate $14.90
2 on a plate $20.90
Cha Chi’s combo
Three of the most popular item in Mexican cuisine including a chicken & cheese Enchilada,
Cha Chi’s lite combo
A lighter selection of Mexican favorites including a new fresh style Chicken Burrito, a beef (Mild or Spicy) Taco, served with black beans and a refreshing avocado salad
Chilli con Carne GF
A thick rich combination of Mexican beans, beef, tomato
Milaneza (Mild or Spicy)
A grande beef Schnitzel Topped with your choice of either Mild Beef or Spicy Chilli Con Carne with baked prime Mexican cheese. Serve with Chips & salad.
The Big Alamo GF option
Grilled 300gm eye filled steak in a seasoned marinade and served with Chips, rice and garden salad
Pulled Pork Sliders
Pocket bread packed with slow cooked pork with crema lettuce and chipotle mayo serve with paprika season chips.
Pollo en Mole Poblano GF
Grilled Marinated Chicken topped with Chocolaty Mole Sauce made of 54 ingredients, serve with 99% Fat Free Mexican rice.
Panuchos De Camarones GF
Prawns cooked in a chilli cream sauce served in crispy corn tortilla shell, serve with rice and avocado salad.
Chilli beef Potato Skins GF
Potato skins filled with chilli con carne and topped with grilled cheese. Served with rice and garden salad.
Smokey Ribs GF
Pork ribs slow-cooked in a sticky, zesty, Smokey, BBQ sauce. Served with Mexican rice and crema red cabbage slaw.
Half Rack $19.90
Full Rack $26.90
Chicken Cacahuate GF option
Tender strips of chicken cooked in a Mexican spiced satay sauce, served in a crisp tortilla basket with lettuce, and served with rice and soft tortillas.
Carne A La Tampiquena GF
A combination of grilled 200gm marinated steak, chicken mole enchiladas served with rice, Frijoles and avocado salad.
Fajitas (2 people sharing) GF Option
A traditional meal served on a sizzling platter, seasoned and accompanied with Guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese, Pico de galo, lettuce and 8 warm flour or corn tortillas
Vegetarian $39.90
Chicken $44.90
Beef $45.90
Side Orders  
Garden Salad  
Avocado Salad 
Rice (99% Fat free)  
Jalapeños Poppers 4 pieces  
Fire cheese stick 4 pieces  
Frijoles (Made Daily)  
Chocolate Nachos
Crisp cinnamon tortilla strips, topped with chocolate topping & strawberries.
Flan GF
Set custard topped with golden syrup, served with cream
3 delicious flavours of ice cream set in a chocolate basket served with cream
Apple Chimmichanga
Apple wrapped in tortilla and crisp Fried, served with cream and ice cream.
Delicious Mexican donut strips coated in cinnamon with a chocolate dipping sauce.
Frosty Rock
Vanilla ice cream served in a cold rock with M & Ms, strawberries, freckles and Toppings
Btl Mineral Water$6[500ml]$8[750ml]
Non-Alcoholic Gl1/2LtrLtr
Soft Drink
Coke, Coke Zero, Raspberry, Lift, Lemonade
Orange, Apple, Pineaplple, Cranberry
Lemon Lime Bitters$4$8$15
Icy crushed lemon
Mexican Punch
Raspberry mixed with Icy crushed lemon and mixed juices
Mojito Softy $5$10$15
Us Soda(355ml)
Dr Pepper, Cherry Coke, A&w Root Beer, Fanta Grapes
Traditional Mexican soft drinks
Pina, Guava, Mandarin, Lime, Cola
Tamarind, Mango, Watermelon
Short Black$3.90
Flat white$3.90
Hot Chocolate$3.90
Mexican Coffee$9.90
Tea-Earl Grey, Black, English breakfast$3.50
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